Cracker Six Pack (6)

Try all six flavors!

  • (1) English Mild Ale Crackers with Sunflower Seeds
  • (1) Sesame Seed Sticks with Belgian Ale Grains
  • (1) Flax Seed Rye IPA Crackers
  • (1) Honey Pecan Ale Crackers
  • (1) Oatmeal Stout Crackers
  • (1) Starkville Sourdough Crackers

All of our crackers are made with naturally fermented sourdough. We collect grain from local craft beer brewers and mix it with the sourdough to bring out complex flavors and grant access to nutrients and protein.

This bundle with take you through all of our most popular flavors delivered right to your door. Shipping is free anywhere in the US! What are you waiting for?

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