English Mild Ale Crackers with Sunflower Seeds

This one is the GOLDEN TICKET! The grains come from Mayhew Junction's flagship ale accompanied by toasted sunflower seeds. The result is a go-anywhere, do-anything cracker that goes from sweet to savory pairings with ease. Try them for lunch with a red pepper hummus or breakfast dipped in Greek yogurt. Of course the best way may be at the bar with a Mayhew Mild in hand!

Craft Beer Grain: Mayhew Mild English Ale from Mayhew Junction Brewing Company in Starkville, MS

Resealable 6-ounce bag of whole-grain sourdough crackers.

  • fermented
  • whole grain flour from Carolina Ground in Asheville, NC
  • reclaimed craft beer grain

Serving suggestions:

  • great on their own or with your favorite party dip
  • sharp goat cheese
  • use crumbs to coat chicken or fish

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